Keep yourself educated. LinkedIn knows it and they are all-in with education. They acquired a year ago Lynda—online education company—for a total of US$1.5 billion.

It makes sense from their perspective. They want you to spend more time on the platform while bringing you more value.

"Our goal is to connect job seekers with jobs, by providing more equitable access to education and skill acquisition"
Jeff Weiner

It's all about attention, especially this week. Why? Because everybody on the platform can enjoy their lessons for free. Until October 30th. Whether your level is advanced or not, whether you

Here we go:

Lesson 1: Facebook Advertising Fundamentals (1h22') by Megan Adams

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Many of your visitors are spending time on Facebook. You might even have a Facebook page as well about your eCommerce brand. Maybe you sell on Facebook. The question is how can you generate traffic and qualified leads from Facebook to your website? With Facebook ads.

In this course, Megan Adams helps you go through the basics like setting up an account, understanding ad structure, and using the Ads Manager tools.

Bonus: Managing online communities (52') by Megan Adams

If you have no clue about online communities, Megan explores the tactics to engage visitors in the right way and turn an online audience into a true community.

She explains free strategies and paid tactics for gaining followers and growing your community on Twitter, Facebook.

Lesson 2: Google AdWords Essentials (3h) by Brad Batesole

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Before you dive in Google AdWords, there's one thing at the macro level you need to know. It's sad but true. No matter what you do, or how much you're spending, AdWords will get more and more expensive with time. It's organic and out of your scope.

Now because AdWords is probably number one or two on your list, you need to be smart about it. spending your budget the most efficient way. How to pick the right keywords to compete with brands selling similar products?

The cherry on the cake? Brad and his team update regularly the content of the course to keep the tactics up to date.

Bonus: Pay-per Click Fundamentals (2h30) by Elizabeth Marsten

Sometimes, you need to go deeper on certain topics, like PPC. Open your Google Analytics and look at your acquisition channels. Do you need to invest more time on AdWords and on PPC? Do you need a fresh eyes, or start from scratch? Check out the course then.

Lesson 3: Writing Marketing Copywriting (2h) by Ian Lurie

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What's the point of mastering ads on Facebook and Google if you're not capable of writing
Remember that when you are writing copy, you are selling. What does it mean? You are not selling a product, you are selling an experience. A status. A story.

Ian starts with something unusual. Start writing on paper. Then he explores the different strategies and methods like writing headlines, selling the page, and rewriting existing copy to optimise it for different outlets and platforms.

Lesson 4: Wordpress Essentials (2h30') by Carrie Dills

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With the cost of Facebook and Google ads going up, you must grow your blog. We're running our blog on Ghost, but most of the eCommerce stores are starting on Wordpress.

Carrie Dills outlines on her course how to start a Wordpress blog and grow it. Perfect when you're starting out, or invest more efforts into it.

Lesson 5: Become an SEO Expert, Learning Path (18h)

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Yes, 18 hours. It's time to cancel your plans and Tinder dates, or any dinner this week. Forget about Westworld, or Narcos. LinkedIn Learning is free until October 30th, that gives you 5 days, and 3 hours per night (roughly) to master SEO.

You'll get the fundamentals, from link building to improving your SEO for international expansion. The question is, are you willing to put in the work?


There are plenty of other lessons you can choose from.

About Instagram for business, about email marketing, about web development. You just need to pick one. Master it. Even better. Learn with someone else. Challenge yourself. Set a bold target.

I'm learning X to achieve Y. Just do it.

"The free, abundant learning combination is the one that's going to change the world."
Seth Godin