We believe in living out the things we preach, so since diving into the Golden Circle, we’ve re-evaluated the AfterShip blog in order to align it more closely with the AfterShip brand.

I am delighted to announce that we will be moving into an all new direction with the blog to incorporate the flare of the AfterShip spirit!

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So what is the fundamental cause for AfterShip?

At AfterShip, our one fundamental cause is to help eCommerce startups compete with the likes of Amazon and other major platforms. To help small merchants gain a level playing field. The way we do it, is to make shipment tracking easy for online sellers and buyers.

Evaluating Our Roots

The concept of AfterShip came about as a solution to the actual struggles of one of our co-founders, Teddy.

Wanting to make a living for himself in order to take care of his family, Teddy started his own eCommerce business selling toys worldwide. It was around that time when he realized the difficulties and hassles of managing his own shipments, coming up with the initial ideas of AfterShip.

Fast forward to 2011, Teddy entered a Startup competition in Hong Kong where he met Andrew. There they further developed the idea of AfterShip and winning home the prize of 2011 Global Startup Battle.

Since opening the company, the vision at AfterShip has always been to help small merchants grow and compete with major corporations in the market. A mentality that stemmed from a place of empathy with people going through the same struggle.

After evaluating the blog, we felt like this fundamental belief was not properly brought to life, missing even. Which was when we decided to cultivate a community culture within the AfterShip Blog that spoke to people experiencing the similar struggles.

An eCommerce Community of Sharing

The aim is to create a culture of sharing where people can read about giants in the making.

In the eCommerce marketplace where there is so much competition, saturated with people with stories, we want to take the opportunity to feature the ones that really speak to us and use their experiences to help others who may be going through the same challenges.

We want this to be a place where people connect through struggles. Celebrating vulnerability, and the overcoming of difficult situations through real-life inspirations and encouragements.

The idea is to build a platform for you, the dreamers out there who are bold enough to challenge themselves and push to new heights.

Get a chance to be Featured on the AfterShip Blog by sharing your journey!

We want to open the playing field and unite the warriors who are ready to break status quo. Do you or someone you know have a story to tell? Drop me an email at beatrix@aftership.com with a brief summary of your journey.

An Ecosystem of Resources

Aside from the main Startup Sharing corner, we will also feature guides, technical know how’s, material from experts of the field and more on the blog. We not only want to house inspiring content, but also material that will help you pave the way.

You can also count on the AfterShip blog for ground shifting concepts and theories. Series like the Golden Circle that can help you be more aware and informed when building their own business.

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