Sometimes we can be so caught up in the status quo that we take certain ideas for granted. But every now and then, a person will appear with a revolutionary idea to shake the grounds of the past.

This series will be looking at exactly such an idea, one that I've been obsessed with recently: The Golden Circle.

A perspective of business that revolutionizes your understanding and forces you to rethink your approach all along.

Article 1:

Know The Game That You're In: Business, An Infinite Walk

What if we said you've been seeing business all wrong? Get a better understanding of the game that you are in, learn what it takes and stay in the loop!

Article 2:

Dissecting the Golden Circle in Search of Purpose

Revisiting the essence of being. A look into Simon Sinek's theory of the Golden Circle. Examining the importance of starting with 'Why' in life & business.

Article 3:

Differentiating Your Brand NOT by Competition

Finding your brand identity through identifying your 'Why'. Appeal to your customers on a deeper level and gain a loyal following through shared passion.

Article 4:

Importance of Company Culture with Shining Examples

Why is culture so important to a business? It is the thing that can make or break your enterprise. Here are some examples of companies that did it right!

Article 5:

Delighting Your Customers: Trying Too Hard Or Not Hard Enough?

You want customers who appreciate your brand for want it is. To have character, but how do you strike the balance between delighting them & being yourself?

Article 6:

A True Leader vs. Someone in a Leadership Role

Ever worked under someone who stifled your passion? Someone who just didn't know how to lead? Here, we will look at what it takes to be a true leader.

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