This is a new experiment. Something like a hand-curated review compiled weekly to bring you relevant articles or posts around eCommerce.

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When curation is done great, we believe it has impact.

Let's begin.

1. The 2017 State of the Merchant Report

Author: Andrew Youderian
Link here

Andrew from eCommerceFuel asked "hundreds of store owners to understand how business is going" and measure the trends shaping the eCommerce industry.

Some of the facts you can get from there:

  • SEO is not dead
  • The average conversion rate for successful online stores is... 2.10% (ha!)
  • Stores selling primarily on Amazon grew faster

2. Quality over quantity: a practical case study (🍪 inside)

Author: Felix Thea
Link here

This is what happens when two entrepreneurs focus on two challenges: 1/ product the best edible cookie dough there is and 2/ acquire just the right traffic to their website.

You can listen to the episode—Shopify Masters is one of our favourite eCommerce podcast or read the whole story here. Inspiring.

3. Do you sell to women? If so, check this out

Author: Rose Ledeam
Link here

Fact: on average, 68% of women say they rely on reviews when making purchasing decisions. The figure is even higher when it comes to with 85% percent of women reading reviews for 💄 beauty and 💆 wellness products" (source is here)

4. Yes, you can optimise shipping rates with Google Analytics. Here's how

Author: Morgan Jones
Link here

Your shipping rates: do you absorb them in your product price or not? Does it impact your conversion rate? Probably. But you're not sure which is why Google Analytics can help.

In this little guide, Morgan Jones from PowerMyAnalytics explains how to set GA the right way to test and measure shipping rates. Worth a read.

5. Is this Redditter being scammed on Alibaba?

Link here

We love Reddit. Think of it as the pulse of the Internet. So when it comes to eCommerce, you've got plenty of concrete examples of what it's like to start from scratch. The questions merchants ask themselves when they begin their projects.

The doubts, the challenges and sometime the success stories 🏆

Here it's about sourcing online in China, and the cost of shipping being suspicious. If you've got experience to share, feel free to help a redditter out ✋

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